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Your Membership in the Gaston Regional Chamber is an investment your business and your community. The Chamber' s mission is to champion an environment for healthy economic growth and quality job creation in Gaston County, and provide outstanding value for our members. The Gaston Regional Chamber helps ensure a dynamic and prosperous Gaston county, providing better quality of life for all its citizens. Chamber membership places your business at the center of economic growth and progress!

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Business Partner

This membership investment is designed for the entrepreneur or new small business owner seeking to build initial business contacts and access decision makers at networking events and programs.  This membership is not available for businesses with more than 50 employees.

Cost $310

Value $445

$185 for non-profit and retired individuals (does not include credit on GPI card)

Business Builder

This membership investment is recommended for businesses that have established an identity and are becoming recognized in the local market place, yet seek more opportunities to grow. 

Cost $550

Value $1,290

Community Connector

This membership level is recommended for businesses that are developing and are planning to build additional clients and relationships to other business.  They will continue to strengthen their involvement in the community and the Chamber.

Cost $850                               

Value $2,720

Business Innovator

This membership level is recommended for businesses that have the ability to be innovative and successful while facing increased competition, a competitive labor market or a soft economy, but continue to strengthen their involvement in the community by ensuring high levels of visibility and increased access to local and state leaders.

Cost $1,320                                         

Value $3,385

Board of Advisor

This membership level is recognized within the region for their commitment to the community and their engagement in activities that build a positive climate that helps build economic prosperity.  These businesses continue to strengthen their position in the larger community by their foresight, business acumen, and leadership.

Cost $2,000                                           

Value $5,195

Chairman’s Cabinet

This membership level is recognized within the area as a leader in the business community.  The community recognizes them as a premier supporter of the work of the community and Chamber.

Cost $4,900                                           

Value $9,110

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  • The Gaston Regional Chamber offers a variety of payment options, including payment by check, credit card, or automatic bank draft.
  • Dues paid to the Gaston Regional Chamber should be tax deductible as an ordinary business expense, not a charitable contribution.

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