2014 Action Plan

2011 began the start of the Gaston Regional Chamber's three year strategic plan. This plan sets forth the direction of the Chamber and outlines a direction with which the Chamber intends to align all of its activities. It will allow us to do a better job by focusing our energy and ensuring our communities are working towards the same goals.

During the planning process the Board identified critical areas of attention which include: member growth and involvement; return on investment; small business focus; economic development; infrastructure; workforce development; marketing and communication; engaging minority-owned businesses; developing and engaging community leaders; reaching out in the county; and being the voice of business.

We have adopted an ambitious Action Plan which begins the implementation of our strategic plan. The Action Plan continues many of the popular programs and services members have come to enjoy as well as added some new initiatives that will assist in making member's businesses more prosperous.

Click here to view Gaston Regional Chamber's 2014 Action Plan.